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We will be able to leave out Stefan Tilkov

We’re saddened lately to be informed of the passing of Stefan Tilkov. We’ve met Stefan a number of occasions at workshops and meetings and all the time loved his just right corporate and insightful perspectives. He advocated lots of the issues that we and our colleagues beef up – and in addition to skillfully explaining those concepts, he additionally subsidized them up with concrete revel in from his paintings. We will actually leave out his smart contributions on-line, and be apologetic about that we gained’t get the risk to talk with him once more. We provide our condolences to his circle of relatives, buddies, and co-workers at INNOQ.

  • Birgitta Boeckeler
  • Erik Dörnenburg
  • Dave Farley
  • Neal Ford
  • Martin Fowler
  • James Lewis
  • Sam Newman
  • Rebecca Parsons
  • Daniel Terhorst-North

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