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How you can Come across Failed Requests by means of Internet Extensions

Probably the most perfect issues that ever came about to t he person enjoy of the internet has been internet extensions. Browsers are tough however extensions deliver a brand new degree of capability. Whether or not it is crypto wallets, media avid gamers, or different widespread plugins, internet extensions have turn out to be very important to each day duties.

Running on MetaMask, I’m thrust into a global of creating the entirety Ethereum-centric paintings. A type of functionalities is making sure that .eth domain names get to the bottom of to ENS when enter to the cope with bar. Requests to https://vitalik.ethnaturally fail, since .eth is not a natively supported most sensible degree area, so we want to intercept this errant request.

// Upload an onErrorOccurred tournament by means of the browser.webRequest extension API
browser.webRequest.onErrorOccurred.addListener((main points) => {
  const { tabId, url } = main points;
  const { hostname } = new URL(url);

  if(hostname.endsWith('.eth')) {
    // Redirect to anyplace I need the person to move
    browser.tabs.replace(tabId, { url: `https://app.ens.domain names/${hostname}}` });
  varieties: ['main_frame'],

Internet extensions supply a browser.webRequest.onErrorOccurred manner that builders can plug into to pay attention for errant requests. This API does now not catch 4** and 5** reaction mistakes. Within the case above, we search for .eth hostnames and redirect to ENS.

It’s worthwhile to make use of onErrorOccurred for any collection of causes, however detecting customized hostnames is a brilliant one!

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