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Sumeru Digital - API Integration Services in India

Sumeru Digital's API Integration Services in India


At Sumeru Digital, we offer expert API Integration services tailored for the Indian market. Our mastery lies in integrating a wide range of APIs, including but not limited to UIDAI, NSDL, eProtean, IDCentral, and various Indian Bank APIs.

Identity Verification APIs

  • Aadhaar Verification API
  • PAN Verification API
  • PAN Comprehensive API
  • Aadhaar to PAN API
  • PAN Validation API
  • Voter-ID Verification API
  • Voter-ID OCR API
  • DL Verification API
  • Passport Verification API
  • Passport OCR API
  • Photo-ID OCR API
  • Vehicle RC Verification API
  • Chassis Number to RC API
  • RC with Financer details
  • Aadhaar Masking API

Video KYC

Onboard your users in real-time using our Video KYC services.

Business Verification

  • GST OTP Verification API
  • GST Verification API
  • GST To Phone Number API
  • MCA Data APIs (CIN / DIN)
  • MCA Filed Doc Pull API
  • TDS-206 Compliance
  • FSSAI Verification API
  • TAN Verification API
  • Udyog Verification
  • Udyam Verification
  • IEC Verification

UAE Verification

  • Emirates ID OCR
  • Emirates ID Verification
  • UAE Trade License
  • UAE TRN Verification
  • UAE DL Verification
  • UAE Vehicle RC API

Whatsapp Business API

Get started with the official Whatsapp Business API and Whatsapp KYC.

Newly Launched APIs

  • Bank Account Verification
  • EPFO Passbook API
  • Form 26AS API
  • Income Tax Return API

Other APIs

  • Covid-19 API
  • Doctor Verification API
  • Drug License Verification
  • Disability Verification
  • ICAI Verification
  • Farmer Verification
  • Tenant Verification
  • Know Your Phone
  • Nurse Verification API

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