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Bliki: TwoPizzaTeam

A two-pizza staff is a small staff
that absolutely helps device for a specific enterprise capacity. The time period
was common because it used to explain how Amazon arranged their device team of workers.

The title suggests the obvious side of such groups, their dimension. The
title comes from the primary that the staff must no higher than will also be fed
with two pizzas. (Even if we’re speaking about American Pizzas right here, which
appeared alarmingly large after I first encountered them over right here.) Holding a
staff small assists in keeping it cohesive, forming tight running relationships. Normally I
pay attention this implies such groups are about 5-8 other folks, even though my revel in
means that the higher restrict is someplace about 15.

Even if the title focuses only at the dimension, simply as necessary is the
staff’s focal point. A two-pizza staff must have all of the functions it must
supply precious device to its customers, with minimum hand-offs and
dependencies on different groups. They are able to determine what their buyer wishes,
and temporarily translate that into running device, in a position to experiment and
evolve that device as their buyer’s wishes trade.

Two-pizza groups are Outcome Oriented somewhat than
Activity Oriented. They do not prepare alongside traces of abilities
(databases, trying out, operations), as a substitute they tackle all of the tasks
required to make stronger their shoppers. This minimizes inter-team hand-offs within the
glide of options to their shoppers, permitting them to scale back the cycle-time
(the time required to show an concept for a function into code operating in
manufacturing). This outcome-orientation additionally way they deploy code into
manufacturing and observe its use there, famously accountable for any manufacturing
outages (regularly which means they at the hook for off-hours make stronger) – a idea
referred to as “you construct it, you run it”.

Specializing in a buyer want like this implies groups are long-lived, Business Capability Centric groups that make stronger their enterprise
capacity so long as that capacity is lively. Not like project-oriented groups –
that disband when the device is “achieved” – they bring to mind themselves as
enabling and embellishing a long-lived
. This side regularly results in them being known as product

The large scope of abilities and tasks {that a} two-pizza staff wishes
to make stronger its product implies that even though such groups will also be the main
technique to staff group, they want make stronger from a well-constructed
device platform. For small organizations, this is a business platform,
corresponding to a contemporary cloud providing. Greater organizations will create their very own
inside platforms to make it more uncomplicated for his or her two-pizza groups to collaborate
with out developing tough hand-offs. Team Topologies
supplies a great way to consider the other varieties of groups and
interactions required to make stronger two-pizza groups (Crew Topologies calls them
stream-aligned groups).

For business-capability centric groups to be efficient, they’re going to wish to
employ every others’ functions. Groups will thus wish to supply their
functions to their friends, regularly although thoughtfully designed APIs. This
accountability for such groups to supply products and services to their friends is regularly
lost sight of, if it does not occur it’s going to result in sclerotic data

Organizing other folks round enterprise functions like this has a profound
interplay with the best way the device for a corporation is structured – due
to the impact of Conways Law. Device elements constructed through
two-pizza groups want well-controlled interactions with their friends, with transparent
APIs between them. This pondering resulted in the improvement of microservices, however that is not the one means –
well-structured elements inside a monolithic run-time is regularly a greater

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