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Bliki: SoftwareAndEngineering

All through my occupation, other people have in comparison instrument construction to
“conventional” engineering, generally in a solution to scold instrument builders for now not
doing a right kind process. As any person who were given his stage in Digital Engineering,
this resonated with me early in my occupation. However this frame of mind is incorrect
as a result of most of the people have the mistaken affect of ways engineering works in

Glenn Vanderburg has spent a large number of time digging
into those misconceptions, and I strongly urge any person who needs to match
instrument construction to engineering to observe his communicate Real Software Engineering. It is usually neatly value
taking note of his interview on the podcast Oddly
Unfortunately I have now not been in a position to steer him to write down this
subject matter down – it will make a super article.

Any other just right philosopher in this courting is Hillel Wayne. He interviewed a
bunch of “crossovers” – individuals who had labored each in conventional engineering
and in instrument. He wrote up what he discovered in a sequence of essays, beginning
with Are We Really Engineers?

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