Sumeru Digital Team is happy to contribute to Art of Living’s World Culture Festival (USA Edition) NFT Project : Friend NFT

What is a Friend NFT?

A Friend NFT is a digital token that represents your shared experience at the WCF 2023. Whether you’re attending the launch event physically alone or with a friend, a group, or virtually, this NFT is a timeless piece of art that commemorates your shared journey.

Each Friend NFT is designed to celebrate diversity, arts, and culture, bringing people together under the banner “United We Celebrate”. Instead of personal memories or individual interests, this NFT will revolve around various world cultures.

NFT holder can choose the friend from any part of the world from the portal that we will be launching, and an NFT will be minted that embodies both of their cultures, symbolizing the coming together of two worlds. Discover the joys of the Art of Living journey with a buddy by your side. Whether you’re familiar with the course or just starting out, we aim to pair you with the perfect companion to enrich your experience.