We want to congratulate the Ethereum neighborhood for the efficiently accomplished exhausting fork. block 1920000 This included the execution of an irregular place change that moved ~12 million ETH from the “Darkish DAO” and “WhiteHat DAO” contracts. Withdraw DAO restoration contract, The fork itself ran easily, with roughly 85% of miners mining on the fork:

The Moment - Ethereum - Historically Difficult

You may see the progress of the present fork Right here, authstats Reveals the Go, Java, and Parity (Rust) nodes which have efficiently synchronized with the forked chain.

The restoration contract is already returning Ether to DAO token holders; About 4.5 million ETH has been despatched to DAO token holders, and about 463000 ETH is beneath management curator, A contract to facilitate extra funds is at present present process safety overview.

Customers who’re solely considering collaborating within the forked chain ought to improve their purchasers to the forked-compatible model in the event that they haven’t already finished so; Enhanced Go consumer (model 1.4.10) out there Right here, If a person is considering following the non-forked chain, they need to nonetheless replace, however run with –protest-dao-fork Flag enabled, although they need to watch out with it transaction replay assault and take affordable steps to protect in opposition to them; Customers not considering non-forked chains needn’t fear about transaction replay assault considerations.

We thank our builders and neighborhood for working collectively to make the transition easy to date, and look ahead to persevering with to work collectively to make the Ethereum ecosystem and protocol a hit.

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