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From Morden to Ropstein | Ethereum Foundation Blog

one fork check

The spurious Dragon hardfork is scheduled for the next week; Block 2675000 is prone to be Tuesday night (CET). The block quantity for the “Fashionable” testnet was set at block 1885000. Performing a fork within the check community earlier than performing it in the primary community was an vital measure taken within the testing course of to make sure a easy rollover to the post-fork state. ,

The fashionable fork occurred in response to the plan on Nov-20-2016, 06:12:20 +UTC, block 1885000. A bit of later, at block 1885074, there was a consensus challenge between Geth and Parity.

fashionable replay safety

The fashionable testnet has been working because the launch of the Ethereum blockchain (July 2015). On the time, issues about replay-attacks between Morden and the mainnet have been addressed through the use of nonce-offsets. The preliminary nonce utilized in all fashionable accounts 2^20 as a substitute of 0Guaranteeing that any transaction legitimate on one chain is not going to be legitimate on one other chain.

EIP 161 Specifies new EVM guidelines with respect to non-members. The implementation of these guidelines, together with the Moderna-specific non-rules, resulted in Geth and Parity creating an inconsistent block at block 1885074.

End result for most important community

All points discovered in the course of the rollout of Spurious Dragon on the check community have been Fashionable-specific, There are at present no identified points affecting the mainnet.

Launching the brand new “Ropsten” testnet

Previous to the present onerous fork, there have been already discussions about restarting the testnet from a brand new genesis block to make full syncing easier and fewer useful resource intensive. And due to the low issue of the testnet, issue bomb There was already a major enhance in block occasions, which is able to proceed to extend if not taken care of. So it is time to depart Morden behind and begin a brand new testnet.

New shoppers will probably be launched that may use Ropsten as a substitute of Fashionable because the default testnet.

Builders who wish to get began with Ropsten instantly can obtain the genesis file Right hereand begin a shopper with the Ropsten community ID:3

  • geth, geth –datadir /path/to/testnet/information init Genesis.json; geth –datadir /path/to/testnet/information –networkid 3 console
  • Equality: obtain ropstone.jsonThen parity –chain path/to/ropsten.json

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