merge sequence connected 🚀

mainnet merge incoming

on tomorrow consensus layer nameShopper Engineers Agree Mainnet Parameters for Merge – A Bellatrix Period 144896 and a Paris TTD 58750000000000000000 (tentative). TTD relies on proof-of-work problem and therefore it’s a bit troublesome to estimate precisely. goal date September 15, 2022, however this estimate could have an error of 1 week. All core dev name estimates might be double-checked this coming week, and both TTDs might be confirmed or last changes might be made to raised meet the goal date.

Reminder💡: The merge features a sequence of two upgrades – bellatrix then on the consensus layer Paris on the execution layer.

Bellatrix has upgraded the Beacon Chain to be “merge conscious”, embedding the Beacon Chain with merge logic as validators start monitoring the proof-of-work chain to provoke the merge transition. Bellatrix prompts within the chosen period.

Paris itself is the merge transition, wherein the Ethereum mainnet hot-swaps its consensus from proof-of-work to the beacon chain’s proof-of-stake. The Paris improve is activated on the chosen Terminal Whole Issue (TTD).


Stakeholders, infrastructure suppliers, customers and neighborhood members — that is your warning, merge mainnet sequence is busy, For the subsequent ~5 weeks, keep tuned, keep tuned, keep tuned, and be prepared for something. The next high-level dates and occasions are anticipated to emerge:

  • (2022-08-18) — TTD re-evaluated and finalized on All Core Dev Name
  • (2022-08-18 to 2022-8-22) – EL and CL groups minimize mainnet software program releases
  • (2022-08-23) – Buyer sources, EF Weblog, and different neighborhood and infrastructure bulletins of ultimate parameters and releases
  • (2022-09-06 11:34:47 AM UTC) – Bellatrix Mainnet Improve

    • all stakeholders Certain Improve to EL+CL merge-ready nodes earlier than this time
    • All infrastructure suppliers, customers and neighborhood members Wanted Improve PoW nodes to EL+CL merge-ready nodes earlier than this time

  • (Anticipated: 9/15/2022) – Paris mainnet merge transition

    • All infrastructure suppliers, customers and neighborhood members Certain Improve to EL+CL merge-ready nodes earlier than this time. Plan to configure the system a minimum of every week prematurely and ideally earlier than Bellatrix

Between the preliminary mainnet launch bulletins and the ultimate merge transition, customers ought to stay diligent – monitoring the shopper channel, the EF weblog, and different public sources for any new data. Particularly, buyer groups can launch last Harsh Customers ought to improve their variations of software program and, if doable, inside this timeframe.

Many because of the engineers, researchers and neighborhood members who’ve labored tirelessly placing in numerous hours on this. merge sequence connected 🚀

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