Kintsugi in progress🍵

In early November, the Kintsugi🍵 month-long merge dash started! kintsugi Glasses And Milestones/Plans had been launched, and the client groups at the moment are deeply engaged in a dash with the objective of launching a steady testnet within the first week of December.

Kintsugi specs embody all studying and minor changes amphora interop, The Kintsugi November Dash is an effort to (1) incorporate new modifications and (2) refine and produce the merge implementation. Kintsugi will conclude with the launch of a steady multi-client testnet that may run through the December holidays and function the premise for the merge plans made in January.

Buyer groups are at the moment working by milestones – constructing options, operating assessments, and performing preliminary interop experiments with different clients. As well as, there’s one merge devnet launch every week this month – go-devnet-0 is the most recent.

For those who’re involved in testing the Merge software program, regulate the shopper launch and testnet directions. We anticipate many individuals from the group to hitch the Kintsugi testnet after its launch within the first week of December.

After the launch of this testnet, the related EIP and specs will transfer to a final Name The state wherein groups and people take a remaining take a look at a change earlier than it’s made frozen, Following this, the general public proof-of-work and Click on testnet will endure a merge transition within the new 12 months as our groups finalize testing and put together for mainnet launch.

Improve to Arrow Glacier

Though finalized Primarily associated to the consensus-layer of Ethereum, An upcoming (minor) improve to the present proof-of-work chain is necessary for customers operating validators. Round December 8, 2021, Arrow Glacier will deactivate the issue bomb, pushing it again a number of months. see Arrow Glacier Declaration For extra info on upgrades and associated shopper releases.

For those who run the validator, Please improve your “eth1 endpoint” (PoW node) earlier than Wednesday, December fifth, 2021 Variable block to maintain observe of time. The objective is to be the final problem bomb earlier than the merge 🚀

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