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Announcement of impending hard fork for EIP150 gas cost changes

Throughout the previous few weeks, the Ethereum community has been the goal of frequent assaults. Attackers have been very intelligent find vulnerabilities within the consumer implementation in addition to within the protocol specification.

Whereas current patches have elevated total flexibility in consumer implementation, the assaults additionally demonstrated that bottom-up modifications to the EVM pricing mannequin are wanted.

For a lot of customers, maybe probably the most seen result’s that they’re having issue together with transactions into blocks, and full nodes are going through reminiscence limits in managing the bloated state.

Right here is our technique for addressing these points:

  • As a brief measure to mitigate the affect of the newest assault, we suggest all miners to scale back the fuel restrict to 500K fuel.
  • primarily based on a tough fork EIP 150 Model 1C will probably be utilized to the block 2457000 (see beneath). It’ll re-evaluate some operations to raised swimsuit the underlying computational complexity.
  • A second hard-fork will comply with shortly, which goals to revert the present “stat-bloat” launched by the assaults. This second fork will serve to take away accounts which can be empty; Code, steadiness, storage and nonce constraints == 0.

We’ve carried out the mandatory modifications within the consumer and are presently including and growing testing in an effort to forestall the introduction of consensus-breaking vulnerabilities.

and as a reminder, ethereum bug bounty is open and consists of new hardfork-implementations.

Edit: Fork block has been moved 2463000 To accommodate much more testing.

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